Why do austronauts eat tortillas instead of bread?

I go to Ukraine in 24 days. Actually scratch that. I go to D.C. in 24 days. From there I fly to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where I will train for the next three months. After that I will go to my site, which I won’t know until the end of training, and I will spread my glorious knowledge. I’ve heard training is pretty tough. I read somewhere that three out of ten volunteers drop out! But I won’t drop out. I’m too stubborn.

So for the next 4 weeks all I am doing is reading stuff, researching, and getting all the items that are recommended. The top items to purchase are: Potato peeler, Zip-lock bags (freezer) and Tabasco/spices. I have all three thanks to my lovely granddad. As for reading and researching, there is plenty of it. TOO MUCH of it. The Peace Corps sends me a complete package of of reading supplies for the next 10 years, but just in case I am a super fast reader, they also send me a bunch of links and recommend I follow blogs of current volunteers and read books written by past volunteers. If you are feeling bored, you could read some of these blogs and write a short summary for me. I’m paying (Just kidding).

So a little about Ukraine that I already know; It’s COLD in the winter and HOT in the summer. A country of extremes. Yay! And to make it even more wonderful, neither A/C or heating units are widespread amenities in the country. (I’ve heard that on occasion there are fans and wood-stoves if that counts?) Luckily I am a fan of snow and cold weather, not so much of the heat. Winter is not just cold though; it is also DARK. I’ve heard that this is the cause of widespread depression amongst PC volunteers and alcoholism amongst locals. (They’re just lacking in vitamin D I bet.) Luckily…I more or less have experience in dark depressing winters…I spent six months in Finland. Butttt….this is a lot longer than six months. So…pray for me is all I can say!!!

I found out that my family has heritage connection to Ukraine. My great grandmother was a immigrant to the US from Czechoslovakia, (before it became two countries). The cultures are apparently really similar and the languages are almost interchangeable. My Gramps gave me a prayer book from my Baba (Grandma) and I was actually able to read it! My mother has also been sending me a bunch of links showing traditional Ukrainian dancing that she and my aunt performed in high school. (Note: It is much funnier watching your mother PERFORM the dance than to have her send you links of someone else doing it.)

So, in conclusion…I am not ready. Ha. And I still have bunches of reading that I need to tend to instead of procrastinating by writing a blog before I have even left the state. Being that I will probably just be reading the next couple of weeks and I won’t have any new interesting news, I probably won’t post again until I actually get to Ukraine. Enjoy this one though and feel free to comment or ask any questions that you might have. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Why do austronauts eat tortillas instead of bread?

  1. Hey, look at that, you wrote the entry! =) And I am the first to comment because I am just that awesome.

    Now hurry up and do something exciting so I have something to say. =)

  2. Hey Danielle!

    You better keep up with this blog 🙂 I’m going to add you to my blog on my blogs i follow list 🙂 I’m excited to hear more about your tales from the peace corps!

  3. When talking with you last night at church, and seeing the excitement in your face; I hope the feeling continues and you dont’ have the depression that some experience. You’re a strong young lady with lots of zest and the power of prayer behind you. God bless you in your journey and know there are many prayers that will go with you.

    I look forward to following your blog over the next couple of years.

    In Love and Faith, Charmayne

  4. I don’t care what anyone says, I am the true first. Nobody else counts as a commenter. I can’t wait till you go to the Ukraine so you can get me some awesome postcards and shtuff. I like postcards. Rmember that. Arg. *Hook on hand is held up* Yeah. You read that right.

    I love you. Have fun in the happy haven called the Ukraine and hurry the heck up and write another blog. Jeez this is a lot of typing. My hands hurt. I have Carpal tunnel. Argles. Noez!

    Kidding. I really do love you and seriously, if you DO give up and drop out of the program you’ll have me to cross. I have quite a hard punch, or so Stacy says, and I’ve never actually punched anything with my full force. Yeah. Don’t drop out. Don’t do drugs. Do crack. 🙂

  5. Ack, you’re almost leaving to actually go to Ukraine! I hope your training is going well, and that thingy you said you had to do… I didn’t really understand what that was about, so maybe you should explain it in your next post (or just send me a moron note. Either way is cool. =D).

    By the way, the package arrived. I thought you were kidding when you said I guessed right, but it was pretty awesome to see the sweater in there! I will treasure it always, with love and care and all that stuff.

    Have fun in training; I hope everything is going well! (Not that we need to worry about that for you… you’ve done research and you’re stubborn. It”s the perfect combo!)

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