Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos

Two of my group members are thinking of going home. I am so sad about this. They are both girls and without them it will be the only girl.  How can they think about going home even before we have for to our sites??? On the other hand, I have respect for them that they are doing this now rather than when they are at their site. I have been aching to go to my site for a while but I cant imagine even thinking of going home right now.

My advisor came to visit this weekend. It was a blast. Except Ally and Sarah announcing their intentions to leave. But I enjoyed talking to Camille and we hit it off right away.

So I think I am picking up a couple of classes since there will only be three of us now. I am glad I will be getting more experience. Ludmila, our Technical Trainer, says I am doing pretty well but the more experience, the better. Tomorrow I pick up a new eleventh form (grade) class. I’m stoked but also a little nervous. I saw my fellow trainee Charley teach them and it looked really tough. There was this one kid in the back who just slept through the entire class. I couldn’t believe it but Charley didn’t mind so he just let the kid be. Watch out tomorrow though BUSTER! I’m not going to let you sleep in my class…I say now…

So it’s a couple of days since I wrote the first paragraph and Ally and Sarah are gone. They called the office on Monday and they were already gone the next morning. Swift, and not much time for us to process it all. It was sad but some good came out of it…(Peanut butter handed down from Ally, Thanks).   Speaking of peanut butter, I once met a guy in a hostel in Uruguay and he said this to me about Americans, “I have met many Americans in my travels and I have been pleasantly surprised to find that all stereotypes about them are not true except one, Americans LOVE their peanut butter!” Tee hee. That makes me happy.

We have three more weeks at out training site and this point was marked by an interview last week with the administration. I was nervous going into the interview but left feeling very positive and encouraged. The interviewer mainly asked me questions about how training was going, was I truly committed, etc. The big interview (PLACEMENT!) is in two weeks I believe. That’s the interview that really determines where I’ll be placed. (The south east most likely by the way). I taught eleventh grade today for the first time! It was so intense to think the students were only about 4 years younger than me! But all went well and the students even clapped at the end of the class. Charley normally teaches the class and during a drawing activity, one group dedicated their drawing to Charley…It was cute. I hope to get pictures up of their drawings, which by the way, the theme was Zoos.

So officially only 3 weeks of training left. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! In the next few weeks we will have our placement interviews, demo lessons, and LPIs. The placement interviews are self explanatory. It is an interview to decide where our permanents sites will be. The demo lesson is a lesson that I perform in front of the Peace Corps administration to determine whether or not I am able to teach or not. The LPI means “Language Proficiency Interview”. Its an interview aimed to test our language skills and determine if we know enough of the Russian language to function at site. We have had two mock LPIs so far and they have both gone well so I am not too nervous, but I had better not pat myself on the back too early. I am mostly nervous about the interview because that really determines how my site will turn out.

This weekend Jun, Charley and I will spend recording texts onto CDs for our school. This is part of a community project that the Peace Corps requires trainees to do during training. In my opinion, it is a rather boring project but it will be really useful in our school where teachers lack authentic audio materials. We have 5 books to record wish us luck that we get it all done in the next three weeks! On Wednesday we attended a methodological workshop at another school in our village, School #2, (Yes that is the name of the school). We were asked to present idioms used in America. At one point in the presentation we were explaining the idiom “pain in the neck” when one of the teachers yelled out, “So it’s the same as ‘pain in the ass’?” It took everything inside us to not bust out laughing, but we said yes and the gentleman seemed very pleased with himself.

So I am sure all my American readers know that Thanksgiving is next week. We are pretty stoked over here since the Peace Corps decided to give each of us an extra 20грн to make a celebration. (That’s about $2.50. Im ballin’! (Is that correct?) For the first time ever, I am going to attempt to cook stuffing…mom why did I not pay more attention when you were cooking??? Luckily the Peace Corps gave us an awesome cooking book with all the recipes a volunteer could possibly want, including typical American holiday recipes. Sweeeeeet!

Anyways, I am sorry I have not had more time to write about my awesome adventures! Our old LCF, Yelena, is back and she is a lot harder than the other LCF, Alia. She is good though; she keeps us on our toes and we learn so much more with her. But I suppose that in three weeks I will get to site and I will have nothing to do so I will be writing more. Enjoy the silence while it lasts. 😀 (COMMENTS PLEASE!!!)


15 thoughts on “Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos

  1. My darling daughter,

    Other than Tim, everyone wanted to know how I cook, but never wanted to actually learn. Funny, cuz now everyone thinks Tim is a good cook. Gee, I guess that if a=b, then b must equal a.

    My personal thanksgiving for this day is that, you, Danielle, have not given up the Peace Corps!

    Have a happy thanksgiving and please read my email to you.

  2. I can’t believe they left? is it too hard in there or what? i think that all that you are doing and experiencing its simply AMAZING, really no one in the world that i know has ever done something like that and i am super proud of you!!.. sent u an inbox read it please!!!

    love uu!!

    • Its a little stressful….we have tons to do here and Idont think it is what they wanted to do with their lives for the next two years…Its ok. 🙂 os when are you coming to visit me??? :D:D:D


  3. I am sorry to say, but I do not like peanut butter all that much actually. Nutella on the other hand… mmm. Although Americans have this weird tendency to pronounce it as “newtella”, which sort of makes me wonder what exactly they think is in the ingredients. O.o

    Sorry it took so long for me to read and reply to this! CONGRATS ON YOUR INTERVIEW!!! That’s awesome!! I think I mentioned that in my email, but I might as well shout it out to everyone that I’m pleased for you! =D And you are right about the experience thingie with the other classes. You’re doing a good job teaching but any extra practice helps. =) Although I had full confidence in you from the beginning, so yeah.

    Eleventh grade. Bleh. Has anyone else noticed that eleventh grade was the hardest year in school? Drawing pictures of zoos would have been nice. =) (And congrats on a class well-taught. Applause for your efforts is always nice.) Is it Charley or Charlie, btw?

    You will definitely be fine in the interviews. I hope you get a good site. You want to go to … um. I completely forgot the name. Crud, fail on my part… I think there was an L in the name somewhere, but yeah. And you are right about time flying. You’ve been there only four days less than I’ve been here but it feels like it has been a short while. Well, it feels longer sometimes, but then when you think about it, it’s short. I think that is what I was trying to say. =D

    Good luck with the recording thingies! Are you guys like reading the books in English and recording it for the schools to use? Make sure you enunciate and speak slowly, my lovely! =) Not that you speak quickly or anything…. =) That’s really funny about the guy shouting the pain in the ass thing out. I guess if you don’t really know the language, it’s hard to understand the connotations (one n or two?) that certain expressions hold. School #2 is the awesomest name for a school ever. Can you imagine saying, “Yes, I graduated from School #2 in Ukraine. No, it’s a legitimate school, I swear. I’m not fudging my resume!!” =D It would be fun.

    Ewwwwwwwwwww. I hate stuffing. A lot. Hopefully that went well for you, though! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I feel pretty fail, I forgot to call or email anyone and say “Happy Thanksgiving”. I kind of didn’t register that it was Thanksgiving until midday, though. We drove to Tucson and it was almost abandoned, apart from all the hobos. And holy shit, there were like five hobos in one area. And this one guy had a bike…. which was on a low gear, so he had to pedal like crazy to move a foot… and it was loaded down… with trash bags…. at least five of them…. filled to almost bursting point. It was HILARIOUS. XP Anyway, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

    And I look forward to seeing what you do over the next three (or two now?) weeks!! Let us know where your site is!! I’m excited for you! And you better have like a real toilet cause when I visit you, an outhouse will not be enough. =D

    LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! Sorry this comment was so late, but hopefully the length makes up for it. =) Good luck with your next interviews, though I am sure they will go well. And have fun teaching!!!

    • So do you ever breath in between writing these replies???? hehe…just kidding..I love it when you write so much!!!!

      2 weeks now…I think it is NEWTELLA dummy. 🙂 look up the transcription to see I guess?

      Hobos..I love hobos.

      • No, I don’t. I learnt to hold my breath really well after drowning in Disney, remember? =P (Actually, remember when we went to school, and said that in French, and no one believed us? I can see why; we used to fake our accents, but still!) I don’t think I know how to write less. I’m a wordy person (but not verbally… odd. I like writing a lot. Hush up. =D).

        It is soooo not NEWTella. Unless I find out they make it by squishing up newts in a blender, and then adding some hazelnut flavoring and brown dye, I refuse to acknowledge that as the proper way to pronounce it. I could make a Canadian joke here as Nutella is made in Canada, but that would be inappropriate, and I also have issues saying “Canada” properly, so it would be hypocritical, too. =D

        Why… do you love hobos? That’s vaguely creepy of you. =P

        Love you very much!!!!!

      • BROWN DIE??? YOU DUMMY!!! ITS CHOCOALTE AND HAZELNUT!!!!!! BROWN DIE!!! (I literally laughed out loud…teee heeee)Just beacuse it is made of nuts doesnt mean it is NUTella….its a brand name…not an exact representatio nof what is in it…(I could be wrong though about the pronunciation so look it up…)

        Hobos…the one place where you can find rubbing alcohol if you have a cut… 😀


      • Bleh, you are right…. *sigh* According to NEWtella’s website, it is pronounced as follows: new-tell-uh. This is retarded, and I am staging a boycott until I next buy NEWTella to get them to alter the pronunciation. If it’s made with nuts, why would it be NEWT? And I do know what it is actually made of, I was just kidding. =) Although in terms of brand names, their pronunciation was bad on this one. That’d be like saying “WHALE Mart” instead of “WALL Mart”. XP

        Erm… okay then. What about a CVS store or somehthing? =D

        No, I love you more. And I win.

      • You don’t win, NEWTella is just dumb. I will, from this point forth, refer to it as Lizard Spread. “Honey or Condensed Lizard Spread with your bread?” Rabbit offered. “Both,” Pooh answered, but not wishing to be rude, he added, “but you can forget about the bread.”


        Love you!

  4. It was fresh stuffing Alex!!! not made from a package…fresh ingredients only here…they dont have pre-made packets! Tee hee…we had a whole sessi nlearnign bad words in Russian…then a student walked in and saw all the words on the borad..I cant imagine what he was thinking!

    I love teaching! I reallly love my students! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

    I dont really care so much about the girls who left anymore….it was sad at first but now I dont even think about it.

    You are more forgetting any more though. 😀 By the way, what kind of car does Stacy have?

    LOVE YOU!!!


  5. hey alex! they dont have celery here, we arent allowed to eat mushrooms do to the radiation accident, nuts are expensive, and there is no way I am going to be able to get oysters here! Ha….and thanksgiving is over silly! Haha…you are testing me arent you? 😀 To bad Im in ukraine…I could take the challenge in the US…maybe… tee hee. How are you btw? Life is good? Teasing Stacy relentlously abotu Matt I hope!

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