The rotational period and seasonal cycles of Mars are likewise similar to those of Earth

Happy New year! Crazy to think it is 2011! And what a crazy year it will be!!! (I hope)

So, I only have two years left here in Ukraine! Woot. Not that I am super stoked to leave or anything! Speaking of leaving, I met this volunteer from group 36, (I’m group 40) , and he will be leaving in 6 months. He told me that leaving was scaring him terribly and that he was having nightmares about leaving. Funny though, because he said it was the same way he felt when he was coming TO Ukraine. Scary stuff that…I have two years left, but I am already scared about going home.

So to clarify, (Based on frightened comments from my mother), I am not stationed near anything dangerous and I am safe. The only reason I will not put my location on my blog is because it is PUBLIC. I would hate some random American-hater to read my blog, see my location and come murder me. And it is not because of where I am located that this is a worry, it is because people are crazy, no matter where you go. So, I am safe, don’t worry. 🙂

So New Years was fun. I spent it with my neighbors and their two nephews. They are a fun lot. The two nephews are 4 and 6 and there is also a 9 year old son. Hes a kick! HE apparently got into some accident in school so his spine is all messed up and he doesn’t go to school anymore. Instead, he gets a personal tutor everyday. Hes a really cool kid and its great that his mother and him are always home. She is wonderful too. The best part about going to their house is that no one there speaks English, except the one of two words the son prides himself on), so I get a lot of Russian practice. Also, the mom is very friendly and talkative so I feel no pressure to think of something to say, and I am sure ti will also expand my vocabulary listening to her. 🙂 She also has a husband named Victor. He doesn’t talk much but he seems like an interesting fellow and he always helps me with household problems. He is also beast with wood cutting and there are several objects laying around their house to prove it.

Ukrainian Christmas is net week, but I have gathered that my town isn’t very religious and Christmas is a very religious holiday here. I celebrated USA Christmas in Donetsk with some other volunteers in the region. It was fun the first night but the second night I got sick! Lame. Apparently my region has started this cool Christmas tradition where volunteers do a secret Santa gift exchange, BUT, instead of buying normal gifts, instead we buy ridiculous gifts. The gifts ranged from Barbie-Doctor-Dolls, the tiny chests with a bunch of value-less coins to Viking hats. My gift was a bunch of Crystal-Light and Texas-Pete that a volunteer had received in a care package and didn’t want. Ha, turns out it was a pretty useful gift. My Texas-Pete ran out. Which by the way if any of you decide to be a doll and send me a care-package, Texas Pete is the current way to my heart.

So now I am off the the local Pizza place to meet up and eat Pizza. (And maybe some beer too. 🙂 I have been sitting around doing nothing this break so I figured its about time I get out and community-integrate. Which is super hard in the winter by the way. I mean who REALLY wants to go out in this COLD weather and meet people. Theres no one to meet in the weather because NO ONE wants to be in the cold!!! I’m telling you, what brilliant soul decided to set me up from community integration in the dead of winter???

Oh, by the way, I bought new boots! I am really excited about this! They are real leather and fur-lined! And they have a big flower on each of them! And they only cost me over half of my month’s allowance! (Be fair though, there was no way I was getting cheaper boots than that, Ali bought cheaper boots and they fell apart in 2 weeks. And now guess what? She went home. Anyways, I needed boots.) 🙂


5 thoughts on “The rotational period and seasonal cycles of Mars are likewise similar to those of Earth

  1. Sound like you are enjoying yourself. I a glad to here it. So how much do the boots actually cost? I am curious, and did you buy them there in Ukraine? I am working on getting my passport so I can come visit you.

  2. I had to check on the web what was texas pete! jajajajaja its like a hot sauce right??? like the valentina in mexico???
    i miss uu!!

  3. Happy new year. Do they shoot off fireworks over there like here? We have had some really cold weather in sc lately. I am glad you like it over in Ukraine. I know you are a people person, you make friends easily. I went to fl for Christmas and had a great time. A lot of folks at the church ask about you. I love and miss you.

  4. This year will be awesome! If it’s crazy at all, it’s in a good, good way! XD

    Two years is kind of a long time, though. I think you have plenty of time to enjoy it all.

    I wasn’t worried about your safety! Which I’m sure is encouraging to hear. =D (Just kidding, but I understand the reasoning!)

    Sounds like you had a fun time over the holidays! And being able to practice your Russian is awesome! I was bragging to a friend about your language abilities. He was suitably impressed. XP I think I’d be afraid to chop wood, but I’d like to try it sometime, anyway, just to see if I can. Let me know if you ever get the chance! =p

    What else would you want in a care package? Barbies are great if you get lonely, so of course I’ll include one of those, but what practical shtuffies could you do with? Not sure if I’ll actually be able to send you anything though…

    Yeah, let me know how your community interaction goes… I hate cold weather, so I know I wouldn’t go out in it, but maybe Ukraineans are braver souls than I am? Anyway! You told me all about your boots, and I agree with their necessity… especially if it means I get your other ones. XD

    I love you! Sorry for taking a whole half-month to write this! O.o

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