Марс (планета)

To all my faithful readers who have been crying themselves to sleep every night waiting for my next post, I am sorry I have taken so long to write again. To the rest of you, you are truly missing out on the emotional highs involved with being addicted to Miss Danielle’s blog. :o) So, What has been happening in the last month almost that I haven’t written? Hold on to your seats!
I made curry. Actually this is the first time I have ever made curry. I had to start with this, I’m sorry. If I started with the big news first you wouldn’t read my whole blog! Which on the same note by the way, I somehow magically managed to find CUMIN! Which if you know anything about Ukraine, its that cumin is IMPOSSIBLE to find. Like so impossible that volunteers are getting care packages of cumin. I AM SO STOKED. (Side note: the guy who sold it to me looked Asian but he spoke better Russian than me…)
I created three English clubs and I had the first sessions last week. The first one on Tuesdays and it is for 9th and 10th form. (We don’t have an eleventh form this year….not sure if I understand why…) We played some games and I tried to convince the students to make an English club poster but it didn’t work out so well.  Today,  for the next session, we are going to watch “Mean Girls”. I swear this was the student’s choice.
The next club I have is on Wednesdays and it is for parents. My regional manager thinks this is the best idea ever so everyone better give me a pat on the back for this. (Because I’m brilliant.) Only 5 people showed up though, but for me this is perfect. The first meeting last week ran for almost two hours. Even when I was trying to stop the club the parents were still interested. I didn’t realize anyone’s attention span ran this long, but, boy!, it sure made me feel good. And tired. (Being that right before that I had a Russian tutoring session.)
The third club was on Thursday and it was for 7th and 8th form. It was GREAT! This club ran pretty long also, but not as long. We played some games too, but the students were much more energetic than the other clubs. Next session, this Thursday, we will, hopefully, be making a video to send to our partner school, which is also my mother’s school. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to post videos on my blog and I am under the impression that it costs, but if you would like to see the video, I plan on posting it on Facebook.

So random things that have happened:

One day I was sitting in my class and some random student, I not sure how, ran into my classroom screaming with a batman mask on.  Luckily I saw he had a rattail so that limits it down to only a few students.

Tall guy 29 (ask Stacy if you don’t understand) and I made a 6 foot tall snowman and had an intense snowball fight. Besides being extremely fun, the next day I swear the entire town knew and were asking us if we were dating!. For potential askers: NO!!! (I have taste.) (jk)

I only have had one bad class. They are normally not too bad, but one day it was terrible. I could not get them to listen or do any work and then some of the students started to mock me and my accent and the way I say things in Russian. I almost cried it was so terrible. Thankfully, I had the same class today and I thought they were wonderful. Thankkkk you GOD!

So, hopefully, maybe, potentially, OH PLEASE!!!, I am going to see my sister in March! I am soooo stoked! I have not seen her in a whole year in March so it is perfect timing. And as many of you know, my sister will be deployed shortly and this will be the last time I will see her until the end of her deployment. Pray for us and that everything works out! Pictures will be posted ASAP, I promise. J
One day, I came into school to celebrate a teacher’s birthday. So I got to the room where all the food was, and out pops two bottles of wine. I love this. It made me really happy that first, we can drink in a school and celebrate a birthday the “right” way, and secondly, that not only were we in school, but there were still students in school!  Oh America, why do we have so many rules? (Dang sue-happy people).

As many of you know, I finally have internet in my house. We can skype! Yay! Before I was only able to use internet when I went to the local pizza place.


OK, so, again, I am sorry it took so long. I will hopefully write again soon(sooner) 🙂  If you NEED to see my lovely face before than, just get on skype. LURVE YA’LL. :o)


2 thoughts on “Марс (планета)

  1. One option for videos on your blog is to post them to youtube first, and then embed the youtube video onto your blog….

    I believe wordpress *does* charge to post from your computer though — lame!

    Sounds fun, btw 🙂

  2. Hello, my lovely sister! I hate to break it to you… but I don’t think any of us missed you *that* much. (She lies. She hasn’t slept in four days. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!)

    Ahem. Ignoring that slight interruption. =D

    CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Nom nom nom!!! Yeah, I kind of gathered spices are hard to come-by over there… What all have you used the cumin in? Just the curry?

    English club sounds fun…. I didn’t really like Mean Girls. It was… bad. I’ll leave it there. XP

    You are already doing a lot! Three clubs is insane! The parents’ club sounds particularly helpful, as you said the adults are not prone to knowing English. Hope that goes well! And the last club sounds fun! =D

    The randomly screaming student sounds fun. =D As does the snow ball fight. I’m so glad I’m awesome enough that my nicknames stick, even to people I’ve never met. =D I feel special.

    Hmm, I wonder if the bad class was just testing you…? Sounds slightly plausible to me, but I’m glad it went better the second time around. I hope they continue to behave (“Oh, behave!”)

    Yeah, I get to see Corita in June potentially, which shall be Awesome (the capital is intentional). And that had better work out, or I shall be more than slightly upset!

    Haha, I am doing a business law class right now, and I have come to the conclusion that “dang sue-happy” just doesn’t cover it. O.o

    I love you very much, and I hope everything continues to go well! =D

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