Vodka. Now I understand it. (Mars-Bars of course too)

I don’t think I have been so mad in my life. (My life might be pushing it.) Sometimes I get sooo frustrated with teaching, and then I remember they are much more snotty in the US. Its true. My mom told me a story about a student telling her to “shut up“. They would never do that in my school. But they do get pretty bad. Last night and today was one of those moments.
So let me start from the beginning. Last week I taught vocabulary to do with bad habits, including the phrase related to my story, “To pop your knuckles”. The student’s homework was to write about this bad habit and why people do it. Well, they turned in the homework in yesterday’s class and last night I started making corrections on the first homework. I was frustrated to read “crunching fingers” instead of “popping knuckles” since I  had taught the right wording in class.  Frustrated doesn’t even touch the feeling I felt though after reading every homework and finding that EVERY student had written “to crunch fingers”. Where did they find this??? Google Translate??? I had drilled the new vocabulary in class and it turned out that not a single student had used what I taught them. It was one of those Peace Corps moments where you feel like all your work is completely useless and there is no way you can make a difference.

It got worse. In today’s class I decided that the best way to deal with this is to go over the vocabulary again. One student had the nerve to say to me,” Miss Danielle, Why are we learning this vocabulary again? We already learned it!” I’m pretty sure that all my frustrations with all my classes bubbled out in that one moment. I said to him, “How dare you ask this when I read every homework last night and EVERYONE OF YOU USES THE WRONG WORDS, AFTER I TAUGHT YOU EXACTLY HOW TO SAY IT!?!? Let me ask you this, Did you use Google Translate when you did your homework???” I then pulled out the card with “To pop your knuckles” on it, and I asked them, “Have you seen this before?” They all nodded of course like I knew they would. Then I said, “Well then why is it that I spend all last lesson teaching you this vocabulary and NONE OF YOU have written it down to remember it, EVEN THOUGH YOUR ENTIRE HOMEWORK WAS ABOUT POPPING YOUR KNUCKLES???” That shut them up.

To be fair, this same student, after mentioning in class that I needed to buy more chalk, came to me with two huge chunks of chalk and he apologized. I really do love them. It was just a “Bad Hair Day” I guess. (I taught that idiom here and now my teachers love it!)
On a much lighter note, today it was FINALLY declared that we are on quarantine. I say finally because every school in my town except mine has been on quarantine since last week. Ha, so let me explain the reasoning behind quarantine so that all my readers can have a nice good laugh. So, the purpose behind a quarantine is to keep the winterer flu or cold from spreading. Well, taking that into consideration, you would think one of two things. Firstly, why were we not on quarantine LAST WEEK when only one student from a class of 14 was showing up? Or,  secondly, why is there a quarantine in the first place when there are widely available antibiotics? Apparently, its apolitical issue. The doctors are afraid to prescribe the needed medicine because someone from higher up does not want them to. Why? I do not know. I just know that if you get a hold of a prescription your doctor is very likely to get in trouble soon.

The weekend was fun. Tall guy 29 was in Kiev at a “Language Refresher” so I didn’t really have any one to hang out with. Instead, I decided to aimlessly walk around the city. I was just outside the city on an empty road surrounded by fields when suddenly I heard a tons of fun laughter and screaming from not far away. As I approached the sound I was surprised to see that even though I was out in the middle of nowhere there was a TON of people. I of course wondered why. As I got closer, I saw a HUGE hole in the ground. I mean HUGE. At the top of the hill there was a tons of kids sledding down the bottom, and at the bottom there was a pool of tar.  I assume that it was an old mine. It was so nice though, everyone at the bottom was linking arms and stopping all the sledders from going into the tar. Seeing this struck me in many ways. Firstly I was stuck by the fact that the only place they can sled in this flat area is an old dig-out. I was then impressed by the fact the they were all working together to have fun, by linking arms and stopping sleds. Oh! And then I was struck by ‘oh crap’, they recognized me, when suddenly hear someone call out “AMERIKANKA!!!”
Well, I don’t want to waste toooo much of your time, so I will just quickly write some of my small accomplishments of this week.
Firstly, I made American Brownies from scratch. They LOVED THEM.

Secondly, I made a Russian Baked Pie with Cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, onions, and pie crust. (From scratch too). It was BOMB! 😀
Did I mention I got a coffee maker? Hellllls YAH!
Alright, time to enjoy my quarantine. 😀 LURVE ALL YA’LL. (And especially some of you. :))


5 thoughts on “Vodka. Now I understand it. (Mars-Bars of course too)

  1. Hey hey hey, what’s up… Danielle? =D The language things sounds frustrating. Just another reason among *many* to not teach, for moi, anyway. At least the kid apologized, though, and now you don’t have to buy chalk! Google Translate is nowhere near as awesome as Babelfish. Largely because Babelfish is name after the Hitchhiker’s Guide, which, in turn, took it from the Bible. Anyway! Who are you to talk, we used to do all our French assignments by writing them into a translator! (At least, I did… hehe)

    And, cracking/popping/crunching your knuckles is BAD. No more knuckle-popping. Ewww. O.o

    I find it weird that right before you say “We’re on a quarantine,” you used the phrase, “On a much lighter note,” as if quarantines are a good thing. o.O I can understand why they’d be necessary, but I’m not sure if I get how quarantine = good. Do you still have school? If the doctors are not giving prescriptions for meds, doesn’t that open people up to dying from the common cold? Politics will never make sense to me. It’s too political.

    Mm, brownies! I would *love* a brownie right now. That pie would sound good if it contained meat, but the mushrooms and carrots are slightly off-putting. Cabbage sounds good though. =D And sledding down into a tar pit… I must say, I would not be able to do that. First, I’m not well-coordinated enough to be able to stop the sled, even with other people’s help, but second, I’d be afraid of leaving covered in tar. Which is dangerous. Please be careful if you decide to sled. O.o

    I love you! And miss you! =D Have an awesome day!!! Night? Thing.

  2. Hey, so sounds a little frustrating. Keep your head up though. In the end stating why you where reteaching that vocabulary may have been a help in the long run. I hope that your students see what you said and try to work harder for you. Blessings and I miss you much!

  3. i can understand why you may be frustrated when the students do not use the exact wording as you taught them. i am the same way when young people are talking and i have to ask for a tranalation. a lot of the postings i see on facebook are like a foreign language to me. however i still enjoy them. have a great time at your mini family reunion with your siblings. i love you gramps

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