Mars: This planet probably got its name due to its red color.

Free time! Whoo hooo!

“What’s been going on in Ukraine lately, Danielle?” Oh, well thanks for asking. Let me tell you about a wonderful visit from my fellow awesome volunteers and the fact that 2 minutes ago there was a fight in my classroom and I am terrified. Which first? “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!”

Ok. The fight. Well, I was just sitting on my desk waiting for my students to sit after the bell had already rung. Suddenly, I turned to see two students fighting, a girl and a boy. Within the few seconds that I realized what was going on, the girl was sat in the boy’s seat, he had thrown the girl off the seat, she socked him in the face, and they started struggling. Holy crap I was raging. These were not young students and they were fighting over a CHAIR. Mondays…

The weekend was great though. Charlie and Margo came to visit us! Charlie was in my training group and Margo is an older volunteer that visited my group when we were training. First we had tea with my fellow teachers, Victoria, Kate, and Iryna. We talked about the upcoming book project I am doing and our lives at site. I would just like to brag for a second that I am apparently a very lucky volunteer. I have my own classroom while apparently many other volunteers do not. Thank you God! Then my English club students met us and we all went bowling. (P.s. Tall guy 29 HATES bowling and didn’t come.) Anyways, Margo is awesome at bowling. I was awesome about every 4th bowl. Hopefully, if the weather is nice, my English club and I will play Frisbee net weekend.

Conor and I are still attempting to buy our bikes. Since the volunteers came to visit, we never got a chance to go to Donetsk. There isn’t a lot of selection in our town. They either have one gear which isn’t very good for long rides, or they are too small for Conor. (He’s tall).

Currently my students and I are videoing our own personal interpretation of “The Three Little Pigs”. The video should be up in the next week or so. Also, we just finished a video about our school. Its an amateur video but it has some  humorous parts. Please follow the link to watch it and we always appreciate comments!!!

Interesting Czech Proverb I saw:

“You live a new life for ever new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only one life.”

Best story EVER! I was sitting in my classroom the other day reading papers when three of my fifth grade students came in to talk to me. One girl saw my bright pink Duct tape my sister,Kelsie, had brought me in Germany and asked what it was. I decided to show them how strong it is by putting it on my hand, ripping it off quickly, and showing them the hairs. Jokingly, I asked, “I wonder how much hair you would get if you put it on your arm?” 

One girl thought this was a brilliant idea and asked to try it. So we cut a small piece, put it on her arm, and then ripped it off. AMAZING right?!? OF COURSE, the other two girls were like, “We want to try it too, but we want BIGGER pieces!” So I cut three more pieces of Duct tape, put it on their arms, and then we went for it again. I’m pretty sure I have never seen three little girls more excited in their lives. They walked out of my classroom with their bright-pink-hair-covered Duct tape pieces and huge smiles on their faces.

BUT, wait for it…it gets BETTER. Later that day I had English club and one of the fifth graders has an older sister that attends my club. I decided I would try to embarrass the little girl a little and tell her older sister to encourage a little teasing. Get this, the older sister had already heard the story and she and all the English club (9th and 10th graders may I point out) wanted to try it out too!!! BAHAHAhahahaha. I LOVE MY STUDENTS.

Yesterday, being the day after I wrote the first half of this blog, I went rock climbing and I finally made it up a wall that I had been trying to tackle since I first started climbing 3 months ago. Woo hoo! And now I am on my way to start climbing some natural cliffs. The group went to a neighboring area to rock climb two weeks ago but it was too cold for me to get a grip on any of the rocks. We go again on Sunday so wish me luck! After that, Mount Everest!

There is a great book I have been reading lately:  FURY by Koren Zailckas (Is it books you’re supposed to underline?). I would totally recommend it to everyone! It is about the author’s pent-up anger that learns to deal with along the course of writing her book. It is so amazing and a really easy read.

I don’t know if I already mentioned it but my bird, Temptations, died. Or ran away actually. (flew away*) So, no more Mrs. Birdie. Maybe I will get another one…one that likes me more.

So apparently this post copied wrong onto the internet so I am reposting it. A small update since I last posted this, I was recently rushed the capital of Kiev after blacking out and fainting in a supermarket. As I write this I am in the capital just released from the hospital and now I am in the sick bay at the Peace Corps office. I am predicted to go home Tuesday. Miss you guys and don’t worry. I’m alive..or maybe that is reason to worry…


One thought on “Mars: This planet probably got its name due to its red color.

  1. Hey! I think you posted this twice, but we’ll all live, so no worries. We just get double-awesome.

    Anyway, fights are not generally a good thing, but a fight over a chair is kind of… middle schoolish–i.e.-lame. You can tell your students I said that. “My sister does not approve.” They also got quite physical over something so trivial…

    The visit from your old teammate peoples sounds like it was fun. I suck at bowling too, so all is good. Tea is amazing. You should try and get hold of this rooibos stuff. It’s delectable.

    What is this upcoming book project you are doing? O.o The same one with your diaries? Hmm, you are a lucky volunteer. Do the other teachers in your school have their own classrooms, or do some of them have to share?

    The “Three Little Pigs” was an odd story; is your interpretation humorous, too? Put the link up for that other video!

    How many languages do you know? You’ve surely had nearly as many lives as a cat, with that proverb in mind.

    So that’s a funny story, but I would not put it as the “best” ever. 😛 Though that may be because I remember you doing something similar to Elisa in England, except on her legs. You guys thought that was a hugely entertaining activity; clearly something’s wrong with you. O.o Also, in an earlier post, you were definitely ready to murder those kids. 😛

    That’s pretty awesome on the rock climbing front. Kelsie goes climbing quite frequently, but I haven’t had a chance to join her. I need money first, but I think there’s a wall in the fitness center of our apartment block. Probably a fail one, though a local park has a gym that apparently offer free climbing that I might take advantage of… It’s a community center. Have fun natural-climbing! 😀

    Books are italicized when typing, and put in quotes in handwriting. I have a question. Did the author write the book saying, “I’m mad, here’s why,” and as it went on, became less angry, or did she start writing a book about coping with anger or what? The description confuzzles me. I might look it up, though I have a huge booklist already. Yay for reading. Speaking of which, I need to go to the library.

    Btw, sorry it took so long for me to reply to this. I’ve been busy finishing up a college course. Good to know everything in your life is going well, apart from that dodgy bit with the hospital! Are you better now? And did they learn what was wrong? O.o

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