There was a full moon the day of the Meteor Shower. Damn.

I have almost…and I mean literally almost finished the map project. (DAMN world map project, which I have ALMOST had finished for 3 days now. haha…) My German friend Johanna came out to my town last Monday to help me with the project and to keep me motivated. Turns out I had to keep her motivated too. 😉 hehe. So…We started the project by drawing hundreds of tedious lines to make a graph. Using the blocks we drew, we then transferred the mini version of the world onto the wall in a much bigger form. (3m x 5m). I had 4 students from my English Club there. There help was great, but one girl had a little trouble transferring the images and therefore made 10x extra work for Johanna and I. That is pretty much how the entire project has gone from the start; most students did great but one students didn’t keep in the lines with the paint or drew all of Central America as one country, and then Johanna and I were left to fix it. There was one point in the week when Johanna frustratingly turned to me and said, “I need to laugh to keep from crying, Daniella.” That quote pretty much sums up the project. By the end of the week I told my students that we no longer needed them. Johanna and I quietly worked side by side, listening to music, thinking, and occasionally talking about what was on our minds. It was so pleasant. This week, I am working alone and it is wonderful! (Though I do miss my little German friend). All the countries are done so I have just been correcting mistakes and painting a border. I wanted to put hand-prints around the outside of the map but it looked really horrible. As it stands now, the countries are not labeled. My director says it is prettier without labels, but I am still debating. I don’t have pictures yet of the final project, but here is the process.

(P.s. Turpentine and paint makes you giggly…and gives you a headache.)

As far as other things go, there isn’t much going on. There was another German volunteer here and we threw her a goodbye party this weekend. She leaves on Saturday. Sad. 😦 At least Johanna is staying though. She is awesome.

School starts on Thursday, day after tomorrow. I’m not sad about it, but I am definitely not excited. I guess it’ll be nice to see my English club again, and I do love my students. Its the schedule thing that I am not looking forward too. Its been nice just playing it by ear all summer. I am decorating my classroom with short jokes and pictures of the USA. I am also thinking to maybe make a poster with all the t-shirts my students should never wear, (because of the bad English). For instance, the most popular shirt in English is “Say Me Yes”. It has become the goal of most volunteers to purchase one of these shirts before returning to the US. Another interesting shirt that I saw recently said “Don’t Ignore Me Just Because I Love My Cats”. Hmm…proper grammar but WTF???? There are many shirts like this in Ukraine…it has become a game to find the best  ‘bad-English’ t-shirt. (I constantly get Facebook updates with a new shirt a volunteer has seen. 😛

I went “home” to see my host-бабушка (Grandmother). Oh how I love that woman. (haha. WOMEN Danielle!!! [ask Conor or Johanna]) Anyways, yes, I love her very much. Her home is like my home in Ukraine. This time when I visited, her daughter and granddaughter were there too. The granddaughter was absolutely amazing and she immediately claimed me as hers for the trip. Ha, so I went to visit my babushka and instead I spent the whole time hanging out with a 10 year old. It was great! She took me to the river to swim, braided my hair, made me pose for photographs (Ukrainian style where a girl poses in a pretty position and changes position a million times), took me to a шашлик (like a BBQ), and then made friendship bracelets. She also gave me some of her own. Ha…the best part was picking potatoes. Wow…this little 10 year old girl knew exactly how to find the potatoes and how not to waste time digging where there are none. But DAMN she was bossy.  I’d dig in the wrong place, and she’d be like “I told you so, now listen to me.” I was being told by a ten year old!!! Haha…She was right in the end though, so who was I to argue with her? At the end of the trip, I had to get up at 5am to catch my bus. The evening before she asked me if I could wake her up to say bye, but I honestly told her I’d be sleepy and I’d probably forget. So the little lady wakes herself up at 5am and gives me the biggest  hug ever good bye. I teared up. Oh dear. I’m a big baby. 🙂

So, School is starting. I guess this means I’ll be busy again. 😦 But I won’t forget to write. Apparently the opening day to school is a big holiday, so I am sure I will have pictures and something more to write about soon. Thanks for reading and as always, I LOVE COMMENTS!

Current favorite song: Amy Macdonald: “This is the Life”. Pretty Awesome.

Current Book: Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. Awesome as well. 🙂


3 thoughts on “There was a full moon the day of the Meteor Shower. Damn.

  1. That dreary hall looks much better with a colorful world map for a face lift, even if some boundaries aren’t quite right. At least land exchanged hands without a war.
    Looking good!

    Good luck, teacher.

  2. I am so impressed by your wall map! It looks pretty darn accurate…and wow, the colors! You are doing a fantastic job and I am so impressed. What is really great is that you can point out to your students that you have been to the “far corners” of the world.

    I am so disappointed in you about the potatos. It is so obvious how to find the potatos….you look for the place you “hilled” them. I helped grow lots of potatos as a child and I guess I have taken my knowledge for granted. By the way, you don’t really pick potatos since you dig them up. They are a vegetable root!

    So, I will now depart. But know that I am “rooting” for you as you start your school year!

  3. Oh crud. I thought I had already replied to this, as I remember reading it before. Hmm. Oh wells, here we go again! 😀

    The map looks really good. It seems incredibly time consuming. If you made labels for it, would they be in English, Russian/Ukrainian, or both? I think you could make a sort of velcro thingy and have your students label the countries in English if you were looking for an exercise like that for a younger class. It looks good without labels, too. I hope you didn’t address this in your most recent blog, or I’m going to look really out of touch. 😛 At least you got the project done at all! Johanna sounds really nice.

    The t-shirts sound funny. I saw an image of an Asian (I think Chinese) bumper sticker that said “You are my love my angle don’t treat me like potato.” It made me giggle.

    It’s sad that you can’t remember her name, but fun that you had a good time with her. 😀 Ten year old’s are funny. Mostly because I remember myself at that age, and I swear I was different.

    Have fun with school!

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