September Equinox: The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world.

Back to school. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t even have a bad schedule and I still have Fridays off to work on what I want. Tuesdays are my worst with a full day of classes and on Mondays and Wednesdays I have English Club. Not bad at all. I also have joined a fitness club which I am making an effort to attend 3-4 times a week. I don’t think I am going to have time to rock climb this semester. The problem is that the guy who organizes it is always late and we end up waiting for 30 minutes. Then we have a 30  warm-up and then we rock climb for an hour. That is TWO HOURS every time I want to climb. The fitness club always starts on time and it never runs over and hour. But I love to climb….decisions decisions decisions. Back to School Pictures:

The water is off in my town today, which of course means classes are shorter today. Its a funny thing about the education in Ukraine; they can pretty much use ANYTHING to get out of school early. Not that I hate it from a teacher’s point of view, but yah, make your own conclusion. I remember one day we were celebrating a birthday, (the directors?) and school ended early for it! To be fair, is there anything better than ending a day short of screaming children then opening a bottle of wine and feasting?

Fall is here. I’ve decided it is my favorite season. I was never sure if I had a favorite season before, but I love fall. It smells so wonderful. The colors are sooooo beautiful. And I love the feeling of the wind and wearing just enough warm clothes that you can still feel the wind, but you are neither cold nor hot. Oh, and its my birthday in the Fall. 🙂

I finished the wall! YAY YAY YAY! I mean kind of. I finished the map, but during fall break I will write all the names of the countries. Now I just want to be as far away from paint as possible. It took me two weeks to get all the paint out of my system! Hehe. I am also still thinking of adding hands on the side red parts. Maybe….we will see. 🙂

So while traveling this summer, I saw many t-shirts that had English written on them, but were somehow not understandable or just plain stupid. Engrish we call it. BAD ENGLISH. I decided to decorate my classroom with paper replicas of some of the t-shirts I saw and then I also assigned it as homework for my students to find their own examples. My wall is covered. Here are some examples:

I am thinking about getting a cat. I am not sure yet but I am definitely seriously considering it. The cat is a little kitten that is always sitting outside my house and every time I it outside to study Russian or to drink some tea, the cat come over, plop itself in my lap and sit peacefully and purr. So adorable, almost like it has adopted me. One day I brought her into my apartment and she just played with me and snuggled and rubbed her cute adorable head into my head, and how can I say NO to something so adorable???? Except I go home in 15 months and I travel so much so where would the cat go and then there is the costs and what if the cat gets sick???? What to do what to do…the Babushkas (old women) outside my apartment suggested I just play with it in the day and then put it on the street after…but then in the winter….what happens then???? And what to name her if I take her????




Oh! I almost forgot! I just submitted a grant for new English Textbooks for my school, (which are currently old, terrible, impractical, and have several words that don’t even exist!) . The grant is not yet funded. It is only a request from Peace Corps that I can begin to ask for money. All they do is provide a place where people can go to make donations. When the grant is ready online, I will post a link here and on Facebook where YOU, my readers, if possible, could go to make a donation. Normally I would be shy about asking for money and I would say $1 is even enough, but I am BEGGING YOU ALL to please make a donation, as much as possible. If the grant is not fully funded, then we can not even receive the amount of money we raise, which means we need to be fully funded.  We are asking for about $4000 dollars. WE NEED THESE BOOKS. PLEASE! If you would like to see a copy of the grant, I can easily send it to you! Spread the news!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Anyways, English Club time. Comments are always appreciated. And name suggestions? Thanks for reading!!!


2 thoughts on “September Equinox: The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world.

  1. If the guy is always late… why don’t you just show up late, too? O.o Then you’d have an extra 30 minutes for whatever… Your schedule for school sounds nice, though. Wow. Everyone is dressed up there for the start of school. O.O And they’re all waiting. That’s a loooot of people. It’s funny that school is a big enough deal to warrant a welcoming event on the first day, but they use turn-off water as an excuse for a shorter day. 😛 Whatever works.

    The map is amazing! I think hands would not really fit the theme. Postcards! Fall is fun. I like some parts of all the seasons. Smell of fall, warmth of spring, heat of summer, and snow of winter. Rain is annoying.

    Because you love me so very, very much…. will you please bring me home some Engrish shirts? Pretty please, with rainier cherries (the really, really good kinds) on top? Especially the “Say me Yes” one. Sounds awesomely stupid. Actually, I prefer some of the lower ones on that list. “We eat our suckers with the wrappers on.” 😀 😀 😀

    Um. I hope the cat does not have flees. You could always take her back to the States with you… Or give her to a student. Btw, which one is the cat you want? Call her Pickles.

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