Book Project

As you all know, I am doing a project to purchase new English textbooks for my school because our current books are terrible. They are old, (FALLING APART LITERALLY [sometimes even missing pages!]), impractical, (They teach useless subjects), and contain words that are not even used anymore (in British-English too!).

The grant I am using for this project is not funded. It is only a grant that basically gives me permission to raise money, (more or less saying that that my project is a worthy cause, which it is).

So far, I have raised $450USD. I need a total of $4123.71. That means I have $3663.71 left to raise.  And it took 1  1/2 months to raise the first $450, and we have until January 1st to get the rest.

Please donate if you can, and if not, please tell everyone you know about this project and show them our awesome video!!!


Also, recently, we went to the planetarium and my student Mary (once again) made a video for that too, so enjoy!


Thank you for all the support!!!!!!! 🙂


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