Follow-up Photos!

Hey guys,

Here are the photos I promised!

These first ones are from the orphanage:

The other volunteer’s children.

Ola and me! 🙂

Outside the Planetarium!

Colia and me!

Colia, me, and Ola…I think…

Ola with two little ones. They were cute. 🙂

Here we are sitting in the Planetarium waiting for the show….which I might have fallen asleep in. Sad, because I love Planetariums but the narrator had such a soft voice.

Me and Nastya, such a cutie!

Sergui and Conor, trying to look smart…

And then we had the HIV/AIDS training, which went AMAZING!!!! Seriously, Kudos out to my students Vasia, Vlad, Irina, Sveta, and Kate who conducted the trainings. And THANK YOU SO SO SO SO much Johanna (My favorite German) for helping me. 🙂

Here are the results:

Johanna: She came to my town to help me with the trainings. We had one training in my class supervised my Johanna and then I supervised another class upstairs.

9th class putting “Condom Use” cards in the right order.

We were the only school in our city approved to give a condom demonstration to our students; This was the first time the kids had ever seen a condom demonstration in their lives, even the 11th class. Most of them had no idea what the tip of the condom was for or that you can’t use any oil-based products on a condom. I call this SUCCESS!

My student, Irina, teaching HIV/AIDS to the 9th class.

The winning HIV/AIDS poster from last year’s poster contest.

This year’s winner:

Sharing needles for drug intake is a huge problem in Ukraine. The problem continues since needles are increasingly expensive and there are no needle exchange programs available.

Here is a logical diagram that shows the factors that  affect a person’s choice to use or not use a condom.

And in English:

In Ukraine, the two #1 causes for the spread of HIV infections is through  sexual intercourse and the sharing of needles.

This poster shows how HIV/AIDS is concentrated in Ukraine.
FYI: Ukraine has the highest number of cases in Eastern Ukraine, (Russian included).
Odessa Oblast is #1
Dnipropetrovsk is #2
Donetsk Oblast is #3
Mykolaiv Oblast is #4

My fellow English teacher, Victoria, and me with an advertisement for free HIV/AIDS testing!

Vlad and Vasia rocked in their classes! Congrats guys!

Conor’s organization put together a free concert to honor HIV/AIDS day. There was a lot of dancing and singing; many pictures of American pop-stars from the 80s who died of AIDS; not a lot of information about HIV/AIDS itself, or how to prevent it, but it was a great effort and at least it brought the issue out into the open!

HIV/AIDS ribbon! For those of you who don’t know: A red ribbon is dedicated to HIV/AIDS day!


The free testing center brought to our town thanks to Conor and  his organization, “A Step Forward”. Sadly, they were only able to purchase 30 tests.

Johanna and I, SO SO Sleepy after staying up all night making posters and then spending all day doing trainings.

Lastly, as of December 17th, I have officially been at site for a year, and I will officially have one year left!


One thought on “Follow-up Photos!

  1. Those kids are indeed cutiepatooties. Glad you had an awesome time. 😀

    The presentation did go well then. =) This is good. Keep us posted and I will eventually reply, I swear!

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