UEFA Euro Cup 2012

Conor and Johanna are back! Awesome and terrible. Not really terrible, but rough. The three of us are currently living in my one-roomed apartment and it is crowded. There is only one bed, so 2 people are on the floor with sleeping bags; we have three laptops in use, but only one internet cable; only 2 outlets for plugs that easily get overwhelmed and blow out the power; one bathroom with only 4 hours of water in the morning and 4 hours of water in the night; and one tiny college-sized frigerator for all our food. Cabin fever is rampent. However, we have spent almost every weekend camping with our good friend Igor, which gives us a chance to run wild and have plenty of space.

The first weekend, we went to the Blue Lakes, which is in the north of Donetsk Oblast. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and absolutely impossible to get to without a car! Though it was totally worth it and amazing! Before we made it there though, we took a short stop to the famous cave monastery in Sveta Gorsk.


The second weekend was spent at the Sea of Azov which is also in the Donetsk oblast and borders with Russia. This second trip was my first time camping ON the beach. Fun, but sand is still to be found everywhere.

The majority of this month has been spent working in the 2012 UEFA Eurocup football [soccer] games. Conor, Johanna, and I are all volunteers for the games, Conor working as a volunteer manager and Johanna and I working as emergency volunteers. Conor mostly distributes lunch vouchers and clocks volunteers in, while Johanna and I mainly assist in distributing tickets on game days.

One day, we somehow managed to get free seats into a game Ukraine vs. France. The game had been delayed by 45 minutes due to lightning, so when the game started, there were several free seats. All volunteers that weren’t working got in for free sitting at FRONT SEATS AT THE HALF FEILD MARK!!! It was AWESOME! Except when we tried to buy a beer and it was watered down. But otherwise, AWESOME.

Accomplishment of the month, I completed an advertisement video for the HIV/AIDS working group that I am a member of. The idea of the video is to attract new PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) to the group since currently membership is down. Here is the video; please watch!


The next project I am doing for the HIV/AIDS working group is creating a manual for volunteers who want to make HIV/AIDS -themed day or weekend camps at their sites. The manual will be largely based on the manual I used to make the Women’s empowerment camp that I did back in March. I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer.

Johanna and I went to school the other day and started to write “Hello World!” on the sides of the World map project i did last summer. It looks awesome. The side part is red so we are writing in black and the contrast is amazing. Just some extra touches.

I am still studying for the GRE and enjoying my summer. Exactly one month from yesterday, Conor will go home. Two weeks and 1 day from now, we head to Germany to see my lovely sister. Which brings me to the most exciting news of this month: My lovely older sister Corita is ENGAGED! I am so incredibly happy for her and it is so wonderful to talk to her and to feel her smile through the camera! Congratulations sister; I love you!!!

Write again soon. Love when you comment! 🙂 (Makes me feel loved!)

PS: Pictures from trip with gramps have been added to the last post!


5 thoughts on “UEFA Euro Cup 2012

  1. Looks a bit cramped, but the best things in life aren’t things. Way to go living life and making the most of every day. Good luck with your HIV/AIDS project.

  2. Good job on the video AND good music. Also watched Take A Look Inside a East Ukrainian School. Interesting and I love the kids’ accents. You did that one too, right?

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